Friday, March 4, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

The beautiful view from downstairs, just outside of my apartment.

The past few days it's been so rainy and yucky. It even snowed recently too! This is quite unfortunate, considering we just recently had a day when it was 20C out and all of the trees and flowers seemed to be wanting to come to life. A nearby cherry blossom tree (or maybe it's a peach blossom?) seems to be wanting to blossom as well. It's strange though, considering it's so chilly out these days but the convenience stores are starting to play songs about cherry blossoms. I guess they must start doing that everywhere at the beginning of March or something. It looks like it might warm up for Sunday though, which is good since I'll be meeting up with everyone from Nogyaru that day. I'm looking forward to it, but guess this means I won't be able to buy new shoes quite yet. At least I've got my rain boots for the rainy days so my socks don't get soaked from those holes. I just hope it warms up quickly enough that I can pull out my sandals again!

At the very least, today today is sunny, so I can get some laundry done.

I've noticed that this vacation I've been slacking quite a bit on my Japanese studies. Why does this always happen to me during my breaks? Even though I have so much time I just don't feel like opening Anki and doing it. I guess I should just reset my sentence deck for now and start from the beginning, especially since I'm sure that there's so many reviews that I'd never work up the urge to make them all up.

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