Sunday, March 27, 2011


I guess my posts will be a bit scattered now in terms of time as I dig through old photos that never got posted. These are the souvenirs Daniel got for me during his trip to areas in western Japan, which if I remember right he went to some time back in February:
The monkey is from Monkey Park. The Hello Kitty handkerchief and Hello Kitty dressed as a deer are from Miyajima. I do not remember where the strap of Hello Kitty dressed as a Buddhist nun came from me (and unfortunately I'm pretty sure it got shipped in one of the boxes we shipped by boat).
Daniel also won me a big Rilakkuma plushie and got me a fox tail. Unfortunately they both got put in boxes too so I won't get to see them again for a while...

He also got us some cookies! One box was the same kind as the Namahage cookies I got from Akita, which were good. I think they had deer on them. Some others had bean paste and brandy I think? I am not a fan of bean paste though.

We both already miss UFO catchers so much. I'd like to take a picture of our final collection of stuff Daniel's won, but all of them got shipped by boat!

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