Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Edo-Tokyo Museum Part 2: Tokyo

Now to continue on with our tour of the museum...

This side was a lot smaller compared to the Edo portion. All of the models and artifacts are from the Meiji period and Taisho period, including World War II. I guess I was feeling like I was ready to go home by this point, since I did not take as many pictures as I thought I would have.
Not sure what this was a model of.
Tiny models of the daily lives of people who lived in Tokyo during the Meiji period.
A cute poster.
A little girl trying out the life-size replica (?) of a telephone booth.
A signpost from near the area where one of the bombs dropped. Reminded me of the Fallout games.
A photograph of Yoshibayama, the 43rd Yokozuna (best sumo wrestler at the time), riding in a Subaru 360.
Old model of a car.

And that's all from what I took at the museum! I wonder if my camera had started dying or something. There were airplanes hanging from the ceiling, life-size models of the way soldiers lived, and a lot of other interesting things as well.

Next up is probably some random pictures or the final pictures I took of the neighborhood I lived in.

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