Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The State of Things

These are some pictures I took shortly after the earthquake. First off, the state of the nearby convenience store that we frequented daily:

Mid-evening, what remains behind in the refrigerator section are the few brands and flavors of drinks that no one has felt the urge to stock up on. I guess Vitamin Water is not that popular in Japan. Granted, it's a bit expensive for flavored water. There was no water to be found though.
And here we have the aisle where would typically find shelves filled with breads and pre-made dishes, including lunch boxes, pasta dishes, and rice balls. As you can see, the shelves are completely bare. By now I can't remember what we had for dinner that night anymore. Sometimes even the chips and snacks aisles were empty.

The interior of a train. I took a picture of some of the advertisements for memory's sake.

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