Monday, November 1, 2010

And Things Start Turning Around

So, the tutoring went much better than expected. He spoke a very good amount of English, and I guess his weak point is listening, so he just wants to have free talk. Hell yeah, getting paid 3,000 an hour just to talk! (・∀・)b But even better, I actually got paid for my trial lesson, which was a pleasant surprise.

Yesterday was Halloween, so we watched Rocky Horror Picture Show on Daniel's laptop and then he made me play Fatal Frame II. It was kinda scary. ><

As such, given I had such a bad week, some retail therapy was in order.
Sabina complained I don't post enough pictures of myself, so here's a picture of me. I would've taken a full body shot, but I don't have a full length mirror so that's impossible if Daniel's not here to take the picture of me. '-' But what I wore was Daniel's flannel shirt with a tanktop underneath and belt on top together with shorts and leggings and boots.

So, off to Shibuya I went in search of a plaid shirt of my own. After searching through every single brand in the the whole building, I came out with this!
It's super cute and I love the fur trimmings. It's supposed to be a onepiece, but I'll probably wear it with shorts and leggings. Maybe with my fur vest too. = 3=
I also found Doritos in the basement of 109! So, I got them. They mostly taste the same as American ones do, just not as...cheesy? I think American Doritos are much more...intense?

Headed home and met up with Daniel at the train station. We headed to Nakau for dinner since I was staaaaarving. I nearly actually ate all of my katsu-curry for once. After that, we headed home and I discovered I got my paycheck for my translation work! I got 4,000 yen. Yaaay~!


  1. Yay, you can never have too much money!

    lol, Rocky Horror Picture Show... XD Never seen it the actual film, but I do know of the sweet transvestite :{D Also, Glee did their own rendition of that musical. You should check it out someday!

    Very cute jacket. Hahaha, I love it!

    Mmmm...doritos. Lulz, everything about America is more intense.

    Yes. Yes. Now, I may fap in peace.

    F.A.P. Sabina 11/1/2010 12:00pm - 11/1/2010 12:13pm

  2. I thought the shirt was a jacket ^^'

  3. What scares me is that is an ancient Doritos package. The logo is ancient. Even the Nacho Cheesier name is outdated (Cooler Ranch = Cool Ranch & Nacho Cheesier = Nacho Cheese) I HOPE YOU CHECKED THE DATES lol <3 jkjk

  4. @Lisaaaar: Well it WAS made in Taiwan. :X The expiration date was for next year haha