Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Days Just Fly On By...

I guess the last time I managed to sit down and write was last Sunday, though I never actually got around to writing about what I did that day. Good thing I have my Twitter to remind me.

I went to Yoyogi for a trial lesson. I thought it went well, but I guess not since he never called me back.
After the lesson, I went to Shibuya because I read on TRALALA's blog that they were selling two adorable coats on discount. Since I don't have a jacket or coat that covers my butt, I decided I needed to test the long one out. When I walked across the famous Shibuya Crossing, I noticed Darth Vader was on the advertisement space of 109, and that was kind of funny to me.

I wasn't sure how I would like this coat, but I ended up getting it. It was just so adorable. Unfortunately, it's not as warm as I thought it would be. It'd be fine if I wore long sleeves underneath it, but I don't really own any shirts with long sleeves. Whenever I get the chance I should probably hit up Uniqlo or somewhere like that so I can get some cheap long sleeve shirts.

Sunday night I redid my eyebrows a bit. No pictures of that, but looking back at them now a week and a half later, I need to redo them again. Sigh.

Monday came and that means the beginning of another long week of school. Here's a picture of my breakfast, which I purchased in the little convenience store in the cafeteria.
And here's my lunch.

Unfortunately, I ended up getting rained on when I went home since I didn't bring an umbrella. Not fun to return home cold and wet.
I had noodles for dinner to warm me up.

On Tuesday I wore my new coat along with skinny jeans for the first time this year. I wanted to wear my pumps with them, but realized that was a bit impossible for me because not only was I late but since one of my feet is bigger than the other, my foot can't manage to stay in one of the shoes while I walk. I need to figure out a way to remedy that. orz

I had the first half of my mid-term exams for Japanese. I think I thought that the test went okay, though I didn't realize we were being tested on particles, so I guess I wasn't too confident on it.

Wednesday was my day off.
So I took a picture of my brunch: Weiners and rice. Don't think nothing too much exciting happened otherwise.

Thursday was the second part of my exam. I had to use all of my extended time just to finish it. Too much writing!!
That day though I discovered a new food: Ham in katsu sandwich! I think there's mayonnaise in it too, which I'm not so sure I like or not.
Also got to enjoy some mini-oreos.

Friday was good. Went to the club and got to chat with my new friend Natsumi. After lunch time was over, a whole group of us headed to the cafeteria to play cards.
Recently it seems I've been having really good luck with the game we usually play, though I didn't manage to win when there was like ten people playing. Eventually they all had to go to class though and I ended up heading home soon after myself.

I managed to snap a few pictures of the nearby scenery from the train station (and one side of my school) when I headed home. The changing leaves are so pretty.

I know I only made it to Friday, but that's all I feel like writing about for now. I'll update again later today maybe. (・∀・)b


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, the coat I dreamed of!!
    I hate you for buying this perfect coat!! XD

  2. @infinitylight: Hahaha, sorry! XD I just wish it were warmer ><