Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Hello Kitty Bus

Today I left school later than I usually do because I had to meet with one of my professors. As I was exiting the gates of my school, I spotted this:
A Hello Kitty bus...!?
There were only two passengers and a huge Hello Kitty plush doll sitting in one of the window seats, which you can kind of see in the picture above.

I wonder if it's a tour bus? If so, I want to find out how to take a Hello Kitty tour of Tokyo.


  1. Is it maybe transport to the HK theme park?
    I really want to go there some time XD

  2. @Samispoon: I don't think so. I believe that theme park is in Odaiba, which is about an hour by train from my school. So, I think it'd be a bit too far for something like that maybe? But I really want to go there too!

  3. Oh wow! that's super cute bus! amazing!