Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sickness Has Struck Again

There's been a bunch I've been wanting to write about, but I've gotten so sick! It all started during Monday morning during school for me. As such, Monday was a pretty terrible day for us. On top of falling sick, I also got the rejection letter from the job I applied to. Unfortunate, but I guess the reasons were that I was so nervous I wasn't really charismatic or enthusiastic. Maybe too quiet with my Japanese too. I guess I'm really quiet than I think I am when I speak Japanese.

I'm starting to think it might be a good idea to take a shot or two of liquid courage when I go around handing in resumes and for the interview.

Tuesday was my last day of classes, so now all that's left are the two essays I have due in a week and my Japanese finals on Friday and Monday. I've been so sick though that I haven't been making much progress with the essays. I've been making flashcards for my finals, but haven't really had the energy to study them. I'm not sure if what I have studied has even stuck much.

The last time I was sick was shortly after the Nogal trip to harvest rice in Akita and right before Daniel went on his trip to see the Gundam. Now sickness has struck again right before he gets to go to Kyoto and places over there, so maybe since I haven't done anything awesome recently this will balance out my karma so I can find an awesome job? I've been studying up like crazy every day on the internet about what to do and it seems like appearances and that super-duper genki attitude are everything. Tomorrow I think I'll buy some more resumes and apply for any convenience stores I can find too.

I really wish I had some new shorts though. And a new hair cut. And a job. Sigh.

I also wish that my cough would go away. It's just non-stop and painful. Cough drops don't really help anymore although ginger tea seems to have some good effects. However, since it's tea and tea=caffeine, I don't dare to drink it after 3pm. I wish I could buy some medicine, but it's just so expensive...

It's funny though since it appears that there's been an increase in people wearing masks recently. I guess we've all just caught the same thing.

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