Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yakiimo & Chicken

Video courteous of Daniel. You know you are in Japan when, similar to the fashion in which the ice cream truck drives by with its own music, a truck with a man singing about yakiimo (baked sweet potatoes) drives by in your neighborhood. They drive at a crawl, and you can hear the song for quite a while as they go through your little section of town. Just like little kids go running for the ice cream truck in the United States, people here make frantic dashes for the yakiimo truck.

In other news, I've taken quite a leap of faith today in my dinner tonight.
It looks like chicken in ketchup? You can never be so sure when you're me whether it'll be safe to eat or not.
So I got myself a chocolate donut just in case I didn't like the chicken part and only ate the rice. It tasted surprisingly good. Which is good, since I managed to finish eating it. The donut was okay for a packaged donut.

I'm so glad that chopstick packages come with toothpicks though. So handy whenever food gets stuck in your teeth. Even in restaurants they have cups filled with toothpicks at every table. Too bad American restaurants don't do this too.


  1. Yakiimo truck dude is very annoying lol
    Very good that you're experimenting with, somewhat, new foods.

  2. @Samispoon: It was pretty good. :) Thanks for reading!

    @queennepy: I dunno, I find it pretty funny whenever he comes round.
    Dude I didn't know what that stuff was when I first got it at the convenience store. :P I only figured it out after eating it haha