Sunday, February 20, 2011

Japan, What Have You Done To My Shoes!!

I must have written about how a while ago I broke my favorite flip flops from Victoria's Secret. However, this is not my only shoe casualty.

Recently, I've noticed this happening to my tennis shoes:
That little hole you see there? It goes all the way through to the inside of my shoe! I only noticed this because of the wetness we've been having recently and one foot has been getting soaked or feeling wet by the littlest bit of wetness while my other foot stays in tact.But that's not all...
The insides of both of my shoes now look like this! My shoes squeak now sometimes whenever I walk because it's sock rubbing against the rubber. Kind of embarrassing.
And not to mention, my boots! Look at this, they're completely crooked!! Also, I think one is longer than the other. I've noticed I walk kind of sideways recently, but it wasn't until last night that I realized just how bad it is. I've noticed that my ankle can twist easily if I'm not careful, and now I know why.

So in total, I have three casualties in my possession. Well, more like two since I think we threw my flip flops away a while ago.


  1. All my shoes are like that as well, including the heels being uneven and the hole in the middle of the shoe! lol It sucks so bad because you have to buy shoes more often ;_;

  2. @D~tan: It's amazing what happens to shoes when you start walking more often. I haven't really gotten the chance to go shoe shopping though, so I'm kind of looking forward to it!