Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pictures From Around Shibuya

While I'm slowly working on my Edo Museum post, I figure I'll make a quick post of pictures I've taken recently. I really wish I had the courage to take more pictures more often. Since I've gotten so used to just living here, I kind of feel weird now when I try to do the touristy photo taking thing. These were all taken in Shibuya.
Right around the corner from Shibuya 109 is H&M.
A karaoke place somewhere across the street from H&M. You can see the cute mail truck there on the bottom right.
Down an alleyway you can find this karaoke parlor and ABC Mart, a popular shoe store.
Famous model Kumickey is currently on the front of Shibuya 109, advertising the new 109 brand name cell phones. I really wish I could get the Cecil McBee one.
Walls of nails in Donki. There's so many that it's hard to choose! Now that I think about it though, these were actually taken at the Donki in Ikebukuro.


  1. I really regret not buying nails in Shibuya!!

  2. So natsukashii *____* Too bad the last time I was in Tokyo they didn't have as many lashes at Donki as they do now!

  3. @Samispoon: There's so many to choose from do you choose?? XD

    @D~tan: Oh man, the first floor is now just walls and walls of lashes LOL It's really impressive.