Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rent Day

The sixteenth of every month is when our rent is due. Last month, it was on a Sunday so we went together. Rather than get off at Tochomae though, we went to Shinjuku station proper on the subway line and stopped by Burger King first.
After our yummy meals, we headed over to the west side of the station. Along the way, we saw something very...interesting.
I believe the first thing I had noticed was the traditional festivally music, but then I saw these masks. It was a whole little store so we decided to check out the stuff they had for sale.
Squeezable boobs amongst other toys.
Chocolate and strawberry filled taiyaki in the same stuff that makes up a waffle cone ice cream cone.
Bottle of ramune.
What I'm assuming is octopus and shrimp crackers.
Whistles with popular characters on them.

We ended up buying a bunch of snacks including the taiyaki and the ramune, but I didn't manage to take a picture of them before we ate everything. In particular, the frosted coated animal crackers we bought were incredibly tasty.

That was the excitement of last month, now I shall discuss the excitement of this month's rent day.

Yesterday I left around 4 o'clock to go to Shibuya to shop for my shopping service's customers. I figured I would have about 30 to 45 minutes to grab the items for my customers before heading to Shinjuku to meet up with Daniel at 5:30. Well, it turns out that my phone was dead so I had no clue what time it was. I also ended up taking a bit longer at the store because I mixed up what socks my customer wanted to buy. In any case, having no idea what time it was, I figured I'd just go to Mos Burger, our designated meeting place, and if I were earlier I would buy some French fries and play Final Fantasy IV while I waited. When I got downstairs to the subway, I saw there was a clock: It was already 5:35!

Panicked, I started rushing to the other side of the station to the Fukutoshin station since that line would only take me about 10 minutes to get to Shinjuku. However, I forgot that where it took me to was actually Shinjuku Sanchome, NOT Shinjuku. So I hustled as best as I could underground considering I was wearing boots to the Shinjuku Nishiguchi station and then tried to go through the Oedo line to find the exit closest to Mos Burger. After half running and running up three flights of stairs, I just ended up guessing which exit it was. Luckily I came out next to the crossing that leads to the block with Mos Burger on it, so I went to the crossing and arrived at Mos Burger at last.

By this time, it must have been past 6 o'clock. I was a half hour late and Daniel wasn't there waiting outside for me. So I figured he must have gone in to get a drink or something. Nope, he wasn't there either. I started panicking outside and pacing back and forth for a few minutes. I was afraid he had gone home to check if I was there or something, but maybe he had gone ahead to the rental agency without me... Unfortunately I had no way to contact him since not only was my phone dead, but even if it did have any charge left there was no point since we haven't renewed our prepaid phones yet. So I took my chances and walked to the rental agency.

Thankfully, Daniel was waiting for me outside of our rental agency's office with his laptop on. I guess he had been trying to IM me to figure out if I was still at home or not. I apologized for being so late, but it turns out it wasn't such a big deal after all since he was late as well. Being late and then finding me not there, I guess he went through the same panic as well.

In any case, we paid our rent and then did a bit of exploring in Shinjuku. We were simply too tired on Valentine's Day to go out and do anything, so we decided to treat ourselves to Indian food as a make up for it. We managed to find a place called the Taz Mahal which was offering what they call tabehoudai for an hour and nomihoudai for an hour and a half, in other words all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink.

We didn't end up staying for the whole time though, and naturally I, who eats like a bird, didn't eat too much of the buffet. However we did get to enjoy what I'd like to call nan-houdai since they kept giving us more nan every time we got a refill on the drinks. Even though we left early, the food was really good and we managed to drink our fill of the drinks, though I kind of wish I had gotten an extra refill or two even though the alcohol had made me very sleepy. I wasn't really able to manage holding both the shopping bag and my purse on the train.

In any case, it was a great time and I'm glad we went.

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