Saturday, October 16, 2010

And Another Week Goes By...

So yeah, I got super sick this past week. And you know what that means in Japan? I have to wear a mask!
I don't look scary at all, right? Dress and shawl are from Cecil McBee by the way~
Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I can't appear undone! (;゜ロ゜) Though I think it was on Thursday that Dan's alarm didn't go off, so I woke up an hour late and ended up late for class so I didn't put on much makeup... orz

I don't quite remember Monday and Thursday anymore, just that I was totally exhausted and my brain a bit fried. I had trouble doing some of my reading homework too. Wednesday was my break and that's when I got myself a ticket to the Liz Lisa fashion show event at the Tokyo Collection fashion show that'll be held next Monday!

Thursday we had to go buy new prepaid cards for our phones though, so we ended up heading to Shibuya.

So yeah, headed past 109 and to Dogenzaka to the Softbank store for our prepaid cards. After that, we stopped for some food. I was more in the mood for burgers or chicken or something, but instead we stopped for some ramen at a nearby shop.
Unfortunately, it wasn't really quite to my liking at the time. I really wasn't in the mood for something so messy. :(

After we ate, we headed to Shibuya 109 and headed to Liz Lisa to get Dan and invitation to the fashion show too.
We got it, and headed home. The invitation from the Shibuya 109 store is so adorable! The one I got from Ikebukuro Parco is so plain lol

And then Thursday night I spent writing a response paper, and studying a bit for the test I had on Friday. I'm pretty sure the test went fine though I know I missed one kanji. After Japanese and religion, I went to the Communications Club and hung out and met some people there. After the club ended we went to the cafeteria, and I actually ordered food for the first time there. Had fun hanging out with people and then headed home a lot later than I was expecting. I was hoping to do laundry but unfortunately that didn't happen. I was exhausted later, and decided I wasn't up for going out to go drink.

Aaaaand I guess that's the past week, considering I spent most of it tired and recovering from that bad cold.

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  1. So cool you're wearing a mask. I wish they did that here.
    And wow, you look so sexy :3 You look hafu LOL
    That meal looks gross.... haha
    How'd the exam go? GL.