Wednesday, October 13, 2010


On Saturday (October 9) I had a pretty eventful day. I met up with my friend Marie, who was an exchange student at my home university back when I was a freshman. She's also a graduate of the current university I'm attending now. It was so nice to see her again! Since I haven't gone to Harajuku before, she decided to show me around there. I was a little bit late though since it was raining and I couldn't decide what I wanted to wear...I ended up settling for my new dress from Liz Lisa and furry vest from Cecil McBee together with some leggings and boots. I wore my pearl necklace with it, though I wish I had worn my hat too.

We met up at the station, and rounded around the outside of the famous Takeshita Street, which I guess is known as being a huge center for fashion. Near the bridge by the Meiji-Jingu Shrine, we saw what I guess was an old car show.
There a lot of people lined up to watch. After we snapped a few photos, we continued on our way and headed to a restaurant that Marie said was great.
I got the herb chicken that she recommended to me. It was really good!
After food, we continued on our way and headed to Takeshita Street. On our way we browsed through a lot of different shops. Marie's really into the mori girl style, which is a really "natural" looking style. I think it rubbed off on me a bit because I kind of want one of those white tops with a brown belt now...

Along the way we spotted Liz Lisa, which I've been recently entranced by the cuteness of. Well, more like smelled. Liz Lisa has a specific nice smelling perfume that just wafts its way out onto the streets. We stopped inside to check out the stuff, and I saw an adorable jacket. Too bad it's so expensive. On our way out, one of the shop ladies talked to us, commenting on how cute my vest was. Marie told her I really like Liz Lisa and she was pleased as punch. She pointed to my dress and said that it looked like Liz Lisa, and when I said it was from Liz Lisa she thanked me for shopping there and coming back to shop for more. I wish I had taken a picture with her. She was super cute.

She also mentioned that the Liz Lisa shop was three floors. Three floors!? We headed up to the second one, which was Tralala, a sister of Liz Lisa's. They're having a coat and dress fair right now, where if you buy a coat and dress together you'll get 20% off. There's been this one combination I just love...I really need a job LOL

The third floor was Liz Lisa's bedroom and lounge wear line, Chambre a Coucher. I didn't realize Liz Lisa had it's own bedroom set, including sheets and stuff like that! So cute... T-T

Eventually we peeled ourselves away, and after some browsing we decided our feet were tired so we stopped by at McDonalds to chat over a milkshake, McFlurry, and some fries. When we decided our feet were up for some walking again, we ran directly across the street and downstairs to take purikura.
My first purikura~ It's amazing how much we look like aliens though, and how much my makeup disappeared, including my eyebrows (;゜ロ゜) But it was a ton of fun!

Then it started to really pour, but we headed back to hit up the 500 yen and 390 yen shops. We had been joking before about whether or not a 500 yen shop actually existed, and were so shocked to see one in the middle of Takeshita Street! I bought myself a few little things...

Got these two headbands together for 390 yen. The black one is really shiny and the top one has leopard print.

And I got these earrings and necklace together for 500 yen total.

I saw a Hello Kitty train pass holder, and I'm really considering getting one later. It'd be so convenient not to have to dig my wallet out of my backpack when I go to hop on the train.

The rain started getting worse and worse, and Marie had an appointment so we parted ways.

However, like the moment I got home I started sneezing a lot and feeling really sick! My nose just wouldn't stop running, and on Sunday I was feeling feverish. I just barely managed to do grammar homework for Japanese and could not manage to do my reading for literature at all.

I guess karma decided it wanted to rebalance itself out?


  1. OMG! The combination you love is just SO PERFECT *o* I totally love that style too, wish I could get one... the dress and the coat are soooo lovely *______* kyaaa!!! *gonna check this brand*

  2. @infinitylight: Thank you! XD Lately I'm really into very girly clothes!! *_*

  3. It's all your fault, I searched for an online shop with international shipping and sell liz lisa and tralala brands.. and found one >____<
    Now I need some money to order the coat I'm drooling over!! *o*
    Too bad they don't have that one plaid dress :s
    I love japanese "girly" clothes too, buying some when I can!! But most of the times dress and skirts are just too short for me, japanese girl average height...xP I'm not much into accessory though :/

  4. @infinitylight: LOL I'm sorry...
    Ehhhh? The dress is there XDDD
    What coat are you drooling over? *_*
    Awww...well, if you wear leggings underneath, it should be ok?

  5. ^ yeah, but It's not shipping worldwide I guess :s

  6. Ohhh, you meant a different shop. Maybe if you used a shopping service? >< Or maybe I could try to be