Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Jacket

It's just getting colder and colder here. I decided I HAD to go and buy a jacket on Wednesday
Stopped by for breakfast with Daniel at Mister Donut. Yum!
 It was just another cloudy day in Shibuya. I ended up just heading up to Cecil McBee and searching around for a suitable jacket. I ended up getting the one I've been wanting all along:
This one! It's featured in a lot of their advertisements. Well, specifically they had the beige one, but they were sold out. I had a feeling that even if I hunted it down the beige wouldn't look the same color as in the pictures, so I just went with the black one. It's super fuzzy inside and really warm. So glad I got it!

Wednesday night was a rather annoying night with a bunch of bad things happening in succession, but oh well. This weekend couldn't come quick enough, though I can't believe it's already over now.

I got my first Japanese exam back, and was very disappointed to have gotten a 86. I got 10 points off on the grammar section. The problem is that she put the same questions from the homework on the exam, and on the homework I got them wrong but we don't even go over the homework in class. So basically I had no idea what a correct response would be for some of those questions. Going to meet with my teacher tomorrow so I don't have this problem again...

Other than that I've been stressing out about my religion class since I feel it's very hard for me to approach the assignments we're given and now I'm trying to make up some of the assignments I missed. Such a pain. ><

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