Wednesday, October 6, 2010

October 2 (Saturday)

After a long bus ride that I thought would never end, we must have arrived at the Sun Rural Hotel in Akita around 9am. After that about all 30 of us unloaded all of our stuff and went into the tatami room that had been reserved for us. There we all proceeded to undo and redo our makeup and spend the four and a half hours we had free to doll ourselves up.

Though I had bought some makeup removal wipes at a convenience store on the way, whatever is in that stuff was really stinging my skin so I properly removed all of my makeup, washed the hair spray out of my hair, and changed my clothes. Of course after that I proceeded to reapply my makeup like everyone else. Some even brought hair curlers so everyone was also curling their hair.

Naturally, we took a ton of photos in commemoration. The girl on the left with the red cap in the first photo was the one who kindly curled my hair, though as you can see despite hair spray the curls were already falling out. While doing our makeup, we chatted about foreign dramas and movies, Pokemon, other games, and listened to what I'm pretty sure was Utada Hikaru's new CD.

After chatting and lounging around for hours, it was finally time to go! We all got back on the bus and headed over to the fields. They were filming the whole thing, starting with us piling into the bus. At this point though, I must point out, since we were outside I naturally brought my sunglasses with me without thinking about the fact that we'd be filmed or anything. At this point I didn't notice that I was the only one wearing them, though I did once we started working on the field. orz I was thinking how bright it was, why was no one else wearing them?? I guess it was because we were being filmed and photographed. I wish someone would have said something to me so I hadn't worn them, because now I've even showed up in Fujita Shiho's blog wearing sunglasses.

They interviewed me on camera a few times here. The first time was while we were harvesting the rice. I can't recall if I still had glasses on or not...I might have. In any case, they asked me what I thought about it, and I bet I said something dumb. Though, I'm pretty sure I said it was easy, although harvesting rice is something that takes endurance. The act is simple, but it became increasingly difficult. During the interview I kept thinking it was over so I kept bending down to keep cutting, so I wonder if they got a few down-my-shirt shots while I leaned down to I confided with a few girls after, and they said they'll probably edit it to only show my head or something.

Our group was the first to finish, so I managed to take a shot of the field.
Also got someone to take a commemorative shot of me in front of the Shibuya Rice sign! My cheeks are pretty flushed from all the hard work~ haha.
 And here's a shot of my group~ I was part of Team Fujita Shiho (!) so we harvested the rice with her. From left to right our group was Mei, two girls who live in Akita that I don't know the names of, me, Ricchan, Haruka, and Maki! Unfortunately I can't find the sheet that has everyone's names on it right now, or else I could check. >< I wonder if I lost it or threw it away...

After this photo, the camera guy wanted to interview me again and wanted to talk more about my interest in gal fashion. At this point I know I had my sunglasses off at least, but my hair must've still been in a ponytail. I'm really scared to see what kind of video they put together...

After the interview, more girls were done with their portions, so of course everyone wanted to take pictures with the cute foreign girl. A lot of girls commented on how big my eyes were, and a few commented "Wow, foreigners have huge eyelashes! Oh wait...those are fake."

As far as my outfit went, I was wearing an old top from Express, don't remember where I got my short-shorts from, leggings from TJ Maxx, rain boots from ABC Mart, necklace from American Eagle, scrunchy from CHIARA, and the jacket is actually Daniel's, but he decided after I showed him the pictures that it looks better on me so he gave it to me. XD Yay I have something plaid.

After this, we were all ushered back into the field to take the huge group picture, which I will yoink from Shiho's blog:
Maybe you can see me? I'm in the third row, by Maki.
And then we all got to line up and take pictures with Fujita Shiho~ This picture came out so well. On the right there you can see the camera guy.
After a closing statement, we all loaded onto the bus again. Someone ended up bringing a grasshopper in with them though, to which everyone but Ricchan here started screaming. The only brave one is the one who lives in Akita! Ricchan's just so cute.
So we headed back, and went to this hot spring place called WAO, which features tiny cottages for people to stay in. All of us in Team Shiho got our cottage, which was nice and snuggly. We had a few hours to kill, so we all changed into our evening clothes before we headed to the barbecue.

The barbecue was not what I was expecting. When we got there and saw the tables I was afraid we were having sashimi! But luckily it wasn't only sashimi, since there was also tuna with mayonnaise. Not only that though, but we also ate dinner with Shiho!
Naturally a commemorative photo ensued before eating. After a speech, everyone dug in. I wasn't quite sure to make of what we were doing: we were making hand-rolled sushi (called temaki-zushi) with the rice we just harvested. Since it was my first time, they taped the entire thing! Including me making it, rolling it, and eating it to see my response! I was pretty embarrassed.
But here is a picture of my half-eaten first temaki-zushi. I made it out of tuna and cucumber. After that I made a few more, minus the cucumber. A few girls were surprised how well I could use chopsticks (granted, I couldn't use them at all when I first got here!). Though, I used my chopsticks to pick up the slices of apples...which I guess it would've been okay to pick them up with my fingers? I really don't know the rules of what I'm supposed to pick up with what! I think I got caught on camera picking up an apple slice with my

Clothes-wise, I wore my new tanktop and shirt from Cecil McBee that came as a set, my hat from Sarah Zodiaque, my butterfly earrings, necklace from Disney Couture, short pants, leggings (though I almost wore my new tights but I was afraid we'd be outside and it'd be cold), and boots (though boots weren't allowed inside, so I only had my white socks on).
During dinner, I managed to snag another photo together with Shiho. Her earrings were so pretty. After the photo she mentioned how big my eyes are and was almost fooled by my lashes as well, but we talked about brands of lashes. She also uses Diamond Lashes, though she was using the Dolly type, I think. She mentioned that Hiibou was probably using the same lashes as me. I loved her earrings! During dinner everyone was able to ask her things, so she discussed her inspiration for Nogyaru along with other random things, such as Pokemon. Everyone's so into Pokemon! I really want the new games so I can be into it with them too.
I didn't only get a picture with Shiho though, but I also managed to work up the courage to ask one of my favorite models, Takahashi Rumi (aka Rumiringo) for a picture as well~ She's so cute! After the picture, we talked about the difference between different ways of saying "mom" and "dad" and she mentioned she was a mom, where I told her I know because I read her blog. She was surprised~ It was funny how everyone tried to imitate my accent for trying to say "mom" and "dad." She also asked me what "yummy" means since she heard it on a kids show for learning English. Unfortunately though I didn't get to talk to her long since shortly after Shiho gave the closing speech and it was time to go.。゜(゜´Д`゜)゜。 However, right before we left Rumi and I took another picture together and she uploaded it onto her blog! Too bad it's kinda blurry, but still cute!

We all headed back, and played jan-ken-pon (rock-paper-scissors) for who would take a shower first. I was the winnar~ So I hopped into the shower first, though it took me forever to get my eyeliner off first. x.X

After a shower I was hoping to go right to bed, but everyone was watching TV and there was no way I could fall asleep while they were chatting and watching TV, so I stayed up and joined them. Though, I did get to borrow Haruka's smart phone and check my school email. Thankfully my adviser said that I'll get credits for my Japanese class even though I tested so low. So yay.
 Ricchan brought a pooh kigurumi to wear as pajamas! So cute, I really want one now. Then we all went to bed around midnight, even though we had to get up at 7am for breakfast. x.X


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  2. The Japanese love that V sign. I wonder why. *researches*

  3. @Leanne_L: XD Glad you enjoy it~
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