Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monday & Tuesday

Well, I headed back to class and after that headed to Ikebukuro to meet someone who was interested in having me tutor them in English. However, I don't think he liked me very much since I got a text a little while ago that said the previous person who had been teaching him English is apparently coming back to Japan. Yeah, right.

While I was trying to find him though, some random person with a big camera took a picture of me talking on the phone. o_o What the??

In any case, after that I rushed to Ebisu to go to the Liz Lisa special opening party to Japan Fashion Week.
They had a bunch of special things designed that were only sold there. On the left is the two items you could buy together for 10,000 yen. On the right is the three items you could buy for 20,000 yen. So people were doing their shopping, and eventually we all piled in to watch how this contest went down see the fall/winter collection.
The stage was really pretty as you can see~

Some pictures of the crowd opposite to us. On the left there in the bottom row are the creators behind the Liz Lisa brand.

So, we watched the contest (with music that got really annoying after a while), got to watch some comedy skits, and saw the entire fall and winter collection. The accessories and such that they had were pretty amazing. Didn't take any pictures though since I didn't think it was okay since no one else was.

However, we were both pretty tired so we ended up going home after we saw that. Didn't stay for the spring/summer collection and to see the other brands as well.
 Got this super cute gift bag though! It came with an aromatic stone, I think? Otherwise it's all just Liz Lisa advertisements.
We took some pictures outside though. The Garden Place is really lovely.
I even managed to get a small picture of Tokyo Tower. Though as I was taking it, a bunch of Japanese men walked by talking about Tokyo Tower, in English, and how they had been there. Or something.

We walked the long way back to the train station and took the long train ride home, standing. My feet felt numb by the time I got home. Boy were they unhappy Tuesday morning. I was so exhausted, I could barely keep my eyes open. I'm surprised I managed to stay awake while I ate lunch with E, a Japanese girl I met at my school's orientation party. I immediately went to sleep when I got home after school.
I found this note in our mailbox when I got home though. It's an apologetic letter from Pizza Hut saying how sorry they were about how late our pizza was delivered (it was probably 10-15 minutes late) and here's a 700 yen off coupon. All right! So we ordered apologetic pepperoni pizza.


  1. Very beautiful garden. I want to visit the Tokyo Tower someday. Before or after the Eiffel Tower...idk yet, ahaha
    How nice of them with the pizza! Mmmm.
    Omg, that bag is tooooo cute. Where the heck do you put all the stuff that you buy?! Don't become a hoarder now xD