Thursday, December 2, 2010

Already December?!

When did it turn into December? Sheesh, the days just fly by too quickly. I can't believe I've been here nearly four months now! Since I'm writing this at school, this isn't going to be a picture post.

Most of my days recently have been spent studying for the JLPT,  though I'm not so sure how I'll do with it. Recently I've felt like my vocabulary studying has been lacking and that I really need to re-evaluate how I do things. Too bad I realized this just earlier this week, when I realized that I'm seriously having trouble recalling vocabulary I know I've studied during conversation. The vocab I want to say just doesn't come out! For the weekend I think I'll just focus on studying the grammar, since I really feel that it's my weak point. Then again, I haven't tried studying the listening section, but I'm just going to hope my listening comprehension has gotten okay enough.

On the plus side, even though I tested into a lower level of Japanese than I'm used to, they're essentially covering everything that will be on the test I'm taking. So, I've been managing to get through the class by just looking at it as a JLPT prep course. I really miss reading actual literature and analyzing it in Japanese though! *sob* I guess I'll be able to get back to doing that next semester.

Tuesday the 23rd was a holiday, Labor Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately I still had school, but it was nice to not have to be squeezed in between a bunch of salarymen on the train.

It was pretty strange to have class the rest of the week, especially on Thursday. Boy I sure missed turkey...

On Sunday the 28th I managed to rebuy my train pass, and then later that night I realized I had my literature class' midterm due the next day. I realized it around 8pm and I ended up staying up until like 2-3am doing it. Because I was so tired the next morning I was intending to skip my first class, but I checked the schedule just in case and realized I had a test?! Normally we spend a day before the test doing listening comprehension, so the fact that we didn't threw both me and several of my other classmates off-guard.

Nothing else much has happened that's been too interesting recently. Like I said, I've mostly just been studying or avoiding some responsibilities by watching TV or playing games. Daniel and I have recently begun exploring the area that's opposite to where the train station recently is, so I'll post pictures that I took later. We even discovered a Sunkus that's only like two blocks away! The other one is next to the train station, which is kind of far away when you're just in the mood for a quick snack. Unfortunately since it has a parking lot (it's the first convenience store I've seen that looks like an American convenience store), it seems to be very busy. They run out of bento within just a few hours! So last night I've been having to stick with buying onigiri (rice balls wrapped in seaweed and usually have something on the inside. I usually get tuna and mayo), which thankfully are super cheap (only 100 yen) and pretty filling too.

Every day it's getting colder and colder. Mornings are so chilly that I feel like my new jacket from Cecil McBee just isn't cutting it. The coat I bought from Tralala isn't that warm either. I hope it doesn't snow or anything like that before my mom gets a chance to send me my other coat!!