Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Search For Christmas

Well, I suppose that this will be the last I write about Christmas now that it's come and gone for me. It's already Sunday afternoon as I write this.
Aside from going to Disneyland, my parents got me this adorable teddy bear. It came in my mom's care package. She's so soft!

I didn't take pictures of them, but Daniel's mom sent me some adorable Hello Kitty socks! They're all in the dirty laundry pile now because I've been wearing them often. Also got an emergency travel kit for women, which I'm sure will come in handy. She also sent Belgium waffles and cookies too, which were delicious!

And even though yesterday really didn't feel like Christmas without our families, we started the morning off with A Christmas Story. We got hungry shortly after and our fridge was empty, so we headed over to Mister Donut for the first time in a while. I especially wanted to see if they had any Christmas-themed donuts to make it seem a bit more like Christmas.
Unfortunately the only Christmas-y thing they had was the Mont Blanc strawberry cupcake. Compared to the kinda bland tastes of the other donuts, the strawberry frosting on that cupcake tasted so strong. I really wasn't a fan of the sugar donut I bought, though the glazed tasted good as usual. We both felt so full after though!

After this, Daniel said he would take me shopping to buy me some Christmas gifts. We decided we'd just go to Shinjuku and I was pretty happy!
One of our first stops was Cecil McBee. This long-sleeved T-shirt came with fake glasses.

My other two gets, courtesy of Daniel~ With this I was finally upgraded to the official Cecil McBee membership card, and I got a 1,000 yen off coupon to use the next time I go shopping there. Unfortunately they didn't have the top I really wanted to get, but I'm happy with my buys.
A onepiece from Maison Gilfy. I might wear it with skinny jeans for now since it's too cold for shorts and tights/leggings for me!

I didn't realize there was a WC store in Lumine Este, so I was pretty surprised when we ran into it. I just love these tights! I wish I had the amazing ability Japanese girls have to be able to somehow keep warm with just tights in the winter so I could wear these already. If there's any random warm days, I'll pull these out for sure! I especially love the first ones with the Kumatan heads on them.

Through all of this I wanted to find a new skirt, but unfortunately the weird horizontal line skirts are featuring in most of the stores aren't too flattering on me.

I'm so excited to wear all of my new stuff! Gotta do lots of laundry first though. Thanks so much Daniel! <3 And of course, thanks to our parents too! I miss you all!!

After shopping, Daniel and I watched Christmas Vacation, Rudolph, and Home Alone. After watching these American Christmas movies, it's strange to look at the view we have outside, which is so different from any view we ever had growing up. But all in all, it was still a nice Christmas.



    Cute stuff. Merry Christmas, lol

  2. Hi.... You may not even remember me. I think I met you at a anime, lolita dress, or ball-jointed doll meeting before you went to Japan. How are you? I hope your stay has been fun!! :) We didn't get to talk much before you left... but I logged into my long lost blog and found your very nice blog!!

  3. @ChiiruChan: Haha, I remember you. But you didn't meet me at any of those places. XD; I'm pretty good, but busy. :) Hope you've been well! And thanks for reading.