Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Lights in Ikebukuro

I realized this is over a week late and I should be doing other stuff, but inspiration strikes at the oddest times. So, let's rewind to Thursday of a few weeks ago (12/9), when after a crappy day Daniel sprung me with a surprise outing to Ikebukuro. The reason? The need to buy a Christmas present at Tokyu Hands.
It was hard not to immediately notice the Christmas lights once you stepped outside of the station. There were other displays, but I didn't get a chance to snag a picture.
A rather blurry shot of the entrance across the street to the road that leads to Sunshine City amongst other shopping attractions, such as the Sanrio Store.

Along the way, I noticed a bunch of bouquets in front of a new game center. This was a sign that the arcade was brand new and had just recently opened, probably during that very week. I think the arcade was simply called Game!. Naturally, we went in and checked out what prizes there were to be won in the UFO catchers.
Oh the prizes we came out with! We got super lucky, since Daniel was able to win two regular-sized Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma and a jumbo one. The jumbo one is so nice, soft, and plushy. We didn't even end up spending that much to win him.
Before heading to Tokyu Hands, we took a stop inside the entrance of Sunshine City for some Burger King. It was a good thing we went too, since I was about ready to kill for a hamburger or any kind of American food that day.

After a delicious fast food meal, we headed back outside and next door to Tokyu Hands. We headed upstairs to the furniture floor, and Daniel bought us two comfy chairs. Our desperate need for back support in our apartment has now been solved. I'm so thankful. T-T Daniel even bought a pink colored one for me, and green for him. With that and our winnings at the UFO catchers, I was feeling much better after!

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  1. Pretty. Great to see that Japan is Westernized enough to put up lights and have a Burger King. XD