Saturday, December 11, 2010

Scenes From School

Wednesday was my day off, so we didn't do much, although we did go out in search of a scale.
It was freezing that day! We both bought warm drinks just to warm our hands while we walked.
A picture of some nearby estate's trees and fruit.

Thursday was unfortunately not a very happy day for me for certain reasons. I did manage to take a bunch of pictures of my school though.

The north gate.
Going underneath one of the buildings.
A bit further beyond that. As you can see, my school is pretty much just one big straight line with buildings on either side. Nothing very exciting like my home university.
This is the cafeteria. It's in the basement of the building where all of my classes are held.
I wasn't really in the mood for any of the cafeteria food that day even though I was pretty hungry. So I decided to give something new a try: a pizzaman. Unfortunately, I didn't like it. It was tomato sauce, cheese, and...corn. I had been hoping for pepperoni, but totally wasn't expecting the corn. Sigh.
The Christmas lights on the tree just outside the north gate.
The bridge overlooking the JR train lines.

After I got home, we headed to Ikebukuro. But I'm feeling a bit uninspired to keep writing now, so I'll write about that and post pictures of the Christmas lights in Ikebukuro later.

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  1. I like how you managed to take a snapshot of the cafeteria with the one black girl in it XD