Friday, December 3, 2010

Applying For My Work Permit

Today was a holiday for my school, Xavier Day or something like that. So yay, no school! Guess it makes up for us not having Japanese Thanksgiving off. Surprisingly, it was pretty warm today. It was low 20s, so I was okay just wearing my new cardigan. The wind was really strong though. I had to keep holding onto my hat since it kept nearly flying off when I was outside.
Since it's a weekday even though it was a holiday for me, I decided I'd head to the Tokyo Immigration Bureau in Shinagawa and apply for my work permit.

I swung by Sunkus since I didn't have breakfast. I originally intended to grab an onigiri since it was so late, but unfortunately they were all sold out! So I settled for this donut. It was decent, though not really comparable to Mister Donut.
About a half hour later, I reached Shinagawa. I wasn't really expecting the station to be as big as it was. It even has a walkway with a bunch of TVs lined up to spam the same advertisement over and over again.

Somehow I managed to find the exit I was supposed to take, though once outside I was a bit confused on what bus to hop on.
Luckily I spotted some signs that were put up to help lost foreigners like such as myself. This was actually my first time taking a local bus since I've been here. I made the mistake of sitting on the seat on top of the wheel though, so I was feeling pretty cramped when someone decided to sit next to me so I had to sit in the window seat. What's interesting about this bus though was that it turned off every time I was idle for a certain amount of time. You don't even realize it really happened until the driver turns the bus back on.
I finally reached the office and went in. I wasn't quite sure where to go though, so there was much confusion on my part, but I managed to get the form handed in. Now all I have to do is wait for them to send me the post card back when they're done processing it. I hope it doesn't take three weeks like it took for someone else I know though.

Now I'm wishing I had bought more cake on my way home...


  1. I hope you get that work permit because you need money! Money = shopping = Happy j00lz!

  2. The bus turns off when its idle? What does that mean?