Saturday, December 25, 2010

Tokyo Disneyland

Continuing on with Christmas...

Given that Tuesday was my last day of classes, Wednesday Daniel and I went to Tokyo Disneyland! We took around 200 pictures, so I'm going to try to not post as many as we took here, but I ended up posting a ton of them anyway... Oops.

Just to give you the image that you're about to teleported to a magical land!

Just inside the main entrance a gorgeous Christmas tree could be found.
Just beyond it, Cinderella's Castle could be seen.

We got hungry by the time we were there, so the first thing that we did was stop at a place called Plaza Restaurant for lunch. We both ordered the "Fried Chicken on Chinese Bun" and fries. Funny thing though, the menu actually says "glove shaped chicken bao" in Japanese.
Imagine our surprised when this showed up! I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not, but it was delicious.

We had wanted our first ride to be the Monsters Inc. one, but the line was like an hour long, so we decided to go on the Star Tours one instead.

Imagine our surprise inside, when we saw such amazing detail just during our walk inside to it. The ride itself was fun as well.

However, when we got out of the ride the sun was already starting to set. It got really hard to take photographs after that. We wanted to ride Space Mountain, but that also had an incredibly long line. We began to wonder to ourselves why we hadn't purchased fast passes.
But in any case, our next stop was Toon Town.

The fronts of the various characters' homes.

We got in line to go into Minnie's house after this. We thought people were inside taking pictures with Minnie Mouse or something considering the huge line, but everyone was actually lining up to play some paint-by-color game!

After that, we saw what seemed to be a short line for the Roger Rabbit ride and got in line for that. It was surprisingly a lot longer than we thought it would be! The ride consisted of driving in a car you could make turn around in circles, and the stuff they threw at us in it was rather intense.
Once the ride was over we headed into a nearby gift shop. Daniel bought me this adorable hat!
We didn't ride it, but here's the It's a Small World ride.
This is actually a vending machine. I thought it was pretty neat!
Then we wandered into the Haunted Mansion ride, which had been redone to be a Nightmare Before Christmas ride.
The ride actually stopped halfway through to let a few people in wheelchairs onto the ride, and we got stuck in front of this singing thing for a few minutes. It was rather funny. All in all though, the ride was pretty fun.

After that, it was time for the special Christmas parade!

I didn't include all of the photos, but where were Micky and Minnie?? They were nowhere to be found during this parade. What was amazing though was how the actors all managed to stay looking happy and in character for the entire time. The lights were spectacular though. I just wish so many of my photos hadn't ended up blurry.

After the parade we got dinner at the restaurant that did burgers. They weren't as good as our lunch, unfortunately. I wasn't really a fan of all of the extra stuff they put onto my burger. After we finished our food, we did a bit of gift shop shopping.

I bought a super-warm scarf and a phone strap set, for couples. The left one has Minnie on it, and the right one has Micky. Naturally I have the Minnie one, and gave Daniel the Micky one.

After shopping, we left for the long train ride home.
In conclusion, a picture of Cinderella's Castle at night.


  1. Wahhh the parade looks so pretty! *_____*
    Lol at the glove shaped bao xD

  2. waaaaaaaaw *o*
    Disneyland tokyo is very famous to be fantastic!
    How lucky! And what a nice way to spend xmas too!!