Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last Day of Classes

Yesterday was finally my last day of school for this year. Still got a month left before my semester is over though, unfortunately. But now it's finally winter break! The above is a picture of some cute Christmas themed dango (I think) that a friend of a new friend was giving out to us. Another friend of that new friend even gave me a brownie. I was pretty surprised to receive one since I had only just met the girl.
Recently Sunkus hasn't been having my usual bento set, so I decided to experiment with this. It's a bunch of cheese on top of penne. It was okay, I wish I hadn't cooked it so long so the cheese wasn't so melted.
I finally received my mom's care package last night. Included was two packs of mac and cheese! I've been craving mac and cheese for so long. Just thinking about the other pack, I want to eat it now but I really want to save it at the same time... Oh, what to do?


  1. Hehe save your mac n cheese!! :D

  2. @Samispoon: Okay, I will! XD

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  3. If you eat a lot too much of those Christmas themed dango, may I have permission to call you o-dango atama? :D :D :D

    Hmmmm. If you eat your last mac and cheese box, that penne and cheese thing looks like a suitable substitute. I don't know.

    And only two packs? Why didn't your mom go to Cosco/Sam's Club and get you a ton of them? Eh...nevermind. I just answered my own question: shipping prices. -_-

  4. @queennepy: I didn't try any of them, actually. I tried dango once at a party and wasn't really a fan of it.

    The penne and cheese thing was okay...I don't think it compares to Kraft mac and cheese though!

    Shipping is a killer :(