Friday, December 24, 2010

Preparations For a Christmas Party

On Sunday my circle hosted a Christmas party. For some reason I actually volunteered to wake up early and help them set up and go food shopping. Unfortunately I didn't get much sleep that night, so I was pretty sleepy the whole time.
We went to a supermarket called Prospec Wholesale Store. It's a lot bigger from the grocery store near my apartment. I was in charge of the drinks with two other girls, though they mostly took charge. Boy, they sure got a lot of tea! After we chose out the drinks, we started to help choose snacks.
Down one of the aisles, I spotted something familiar...
My favorite brand of peanut butter! But holy cow look at that price: 449 yen ($5.40) for that little jar! Sheesh, that's expensive.
They even had Doritos, so I guess if I ever need a Doritos fix I know where I can go nearby.

But snacks aside, they had some very interesting items at that supermarket.
For one thing, I felt like all of the back shelves and sides of the store were fish! Fish, fish, fish. Fish of all kinds and flavors.

They even have big octopus and little octopus.

Going into a supermarket here is always an interesting experience.


  1. Awww, that's good that you helped out!
    Hahaha, that supermarket looks like those markets in Chinatown where you can find frog legs and other eerie apparently edible creatures. XD
    And mmmmmmmmmm doritos. Yes, plz.

  2. @queennepy: Ewww. They even had snacks of dried little fish in bags. :( They were looking at you too... orz

    I want real American Doritos :'(

  3. First time I see red octopus sold that way *o*
    (or octopus sold in a market for that matter)
    That's pretty much...disgusting lol

  4. @infinitylight: lmao, I know right? I should go to more supermarkets and take pictures of the crazy things they sell there XD