Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Christmas Party

Merry Christmas everyone! Even though today's finally Christmas, today won't be the last of my Christmas posts since I still have to finish my Tokyo Disneyland post and write about today.

Our Christmas party last Sunday got started a little bit late since we took too long shopping.

But boy, did we have have a lot to snack on.
This dish was eaten all up pretty quickly. I don't think something that small was meant to feed 40 people though!
Once all the food was set out, the eating and the mingling was on.
Shortly after Daniel showed up to join me there, one of the guys on exchange from my school performed a magic show for us. The stuff he did was really impressive. At one point he volunteered me for one of his tricks. I picked a card from a deck and he would guess what that was based on waves I sent out to him. Or something like that. In either case, he guessed right that I chose travel the first time. Then he had someone completely different come up, and even that person was able to guess that I had chosen travel again. I was pretty shocked. After that was over,  I chose a card again. This time I actually chose sex. I thought it would be the same as guessing as before, but he started to ask me questions in order to guess what the card was just based on those. It kinda got a little bit embarrassing, but I managed to stay with it until the end. Afterwards he even thanked me for being mature enough to go through with it.
Shortly after we all started to play Bingo. Whenever someone won they got to pick a number from  a bag and that number was the gift that they got. The idea behind this was that everyone brought gifts and this was how we got to decide who got what. I had nearly everything filled out but one remaining for pretty much every combination of Bingo I could win before I actually won.
We weren't allowed to open our gifts until everyone had won once and chosen a number. The above is what I got. The sweets inside have been pretty tasty!
This girl got a Pikachu mask as part of her present. I thought it was too funny.
After that we divided out into groups and it was cake making time! Because there were so many people I didn't really help out that much though. They should have bought more cakes to make. Three was definitely not enough.

Our finished cake!

The cakes of the other two groups.

We tried some cake, but we were pretty hungry for some real food. We ended up leaving shortly after, especially since I was feeling pretty drained at that point. All in all, it was fun!

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