Sunday, September 26, 2010

And A Few Days After That

I think Thursday it was raining like crazy, so I couldn't do laundry even though we had a ton to do. But for lunch we ended up going to an Indian place nearby called "Spicy India" or something like that.
I got a mango lassi, but it made me feel so sick that even thinking about it now makes me sick.
So because of that I didn't get to enjoy my mutton curry and nan so much, though it was very good.

I think otherwise I ended up staying in and studying? Friday too, though Friday night we watched a lot of the first episodes to the new fall season shows and drank a bit. Yay for BT.

Like I mentioned in my last post, think I mostly spent the days sleepy since I'm trying to catch back up on that sleep.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention it, but at the restaurant after the welcoming party I met a few other Japanese girls. One of which was a Pokemon addict like me. But she said she won't play the new games until she's done with her thesis in December. Ugh, I want the new Pokemon games so bad. The Pokemon addict also thought I was 19 years old hahaha. Her friend thought I was 23. So I guess I look plus or minus 2 years from my actual age to the Japanese. I wish I could still remember everyone's names...I totally forgot them by now!


  1. Woah, that looks like bread. I'd eat that without the curry. Curry is soooooo gross to me. I have a jar of curry at home that I refuse to touch, haha.

    And I'm sure you'll find everyone on facebook eventually xD

  2. @queennepy: It's called naan and you're supposed to dip it in the curry. Funny that you hate something I actually like LOL