Saturday, September 18, 2010


I decided today I wanted to time myself so I could figure out how much time I should give myself in the morning to get ready and get to school.

So, it takes me about a half hour to do my makeup. And I even did my eyelashes perfectly on the first try today! Thanks to the tips I saw in the latest issue of Jelly magazine. Hooray!

But I guess this means I should get up two hours before school starts? x.X
In any case, after that we headed off to Shinjuku to go back to Kinokuniya. Daniel searched for a book he needed to get for school, but unfortunately they didn't have it in stock and would take 2-3 weeks to get in.
Since we were in the area, we headed back to Old New York Pasta.
I ordered the pizza I got before and Daniel got himself some pasta. His pasta was actually pretty good besides the onions which I was not expecting nor wanted.
I felt like dressing up today so I wore the dress I bought from Cecil McBee with my high heeled boots. I think I lost some weight since I got here though! Before I had trouble zipping the dress up by myself (the zipper is under my left arm) but now I can do it pretty easily.
Too bad the lighting in my pictures suck because the window was behind me.
The picture I took of Daniel came out better, as you can see. Though the woman looking directly at us behind his shoulder looks kinda creepy.

After eating we came straight home, where I've been doing some studying and now was supposed to do some interpreting work...or so I thought, but no one's coming guess I'll just study grammar now while I wait.


  1. Awww. Should've switched places with Dan for better lightening. Ah wells. You look great regardless :)

    MORE PIZZA!!!!!

  2. Yes, I am a pizza eating machine. :D