Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cafe Disastero

Yesterday I woke up around 9:30 to get up and meet Dan at the ward office so we could get our alien registration cards. It only took a few minutes, but man...we really look like aliens on them!! Our skin looks so white and our eyes look dark and like they're popping out. But now we don't have to run around with our passport anymore, yay! Dan had some time before he had to hop on the train and head back to class, so we headed over to Cafe Gusto for lunch. More like Cafe Disastero though...

We looked over the menu and saw what was called "cheese in burger." Cheese in burger? What's that? We thought it was some weird Engrish for cheese burger, so we both ordered it without a second thought. It took a bit longer to arrive than food usually does in Japan (in Japan we usually get our food within 5-10 minutes, and they even apologize for how long it took when they bring our meal over), but when we did it get it, nothing could prepare us for what was "cheese in burger." It was not actually a cheese burger. No, it was really cheese IN a burger. And the burger itself was so juicy and greasy, and after you took a few bites everything just came streaming out when you tried to squeeze some of the juice out of the burger, including all of the nasty cheese. I wish we had taken a picture of it, but it was already such a mess it was too late when we thought to. I just couldn't handle it. It was just so much, I'm surprised Dan managed to eat it all. I felt sick the whole day after eating it.

After we went our separate ways, I headed home to do laundry and make flashcards. The Japanese Language Proficiency Test is in December, so I figure I better start cracking on the grammar. I have to know 173 different grammar points for this test orz My deck is about 371 cards now, so I'm about halfway done making them all now maybe?


  1. That burger still looked scrumptious. XD

    ...Happy studying x_x

  2. @queennepy: Huh? But I didn't show you a pic of it did I? @_@

  3. @clairparfait Ya. On facebook I think. lolz Must be a different one.