Thursday, September 16, 2010

Drug Papas & Pizza

Shortly after my last post I headed off to Drug Papas. I also popped in that new gum I bought. It was quite unsatisfying and I doubt the flavor even lasted 10 minutes...
I got myself some hair spray (which Dan said he almost mistook for air freshener). I'm just trying it now today since I just took my braids out a little while ago. I hope the waviness stays.

Yesterday Daniel said he thought he might have caught something, and seemed to progressively feel worse and worse as the night wore on. In any case, we ended up getting delivery from Pizza Hut.
The crust with sausage on it must have been a seasonal thing for it is no longer an option. I was very sad indeed. :(

I hope Daniel is feeling better today...especially since I don't want to get sick right before my school starts!

Looking at this picture of pizza is getting me hungry though. I think it's breakfast time~

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  1. Wow, you need to stop eating so much pizza LOL Why? 'Cause it's getting me hungry too! LOL

    Btw... isn't there a way to disable anti-spam capcha's....