Sunday, September 5, 2010


There's no better lunch than leftover Pizza Hut pizza...
And washing it down with Pocari Sweat. :D
And that's the pizza Dan had ordered last night.


  1. Oh God, first pizza looks so good.

    "Pocari Sweat", what a name. Huge turn off for me and making me nauseous. It's like you're drinking sweat?! X_x

    WTF that second pizza looks like it has hairs....

  2. @queennepy: Noooo you got it wrong. You're supposed to drink it while you sweat because it rehydrate you and gives you back all that missing stuff. That's why there's it's got sweat in the name LOL

    And the "hair" is sliced red paprika.

  3. *is staring at complete astonishment at the second pizza* how do you do you eat that? what IS that flavor?

  4. @Sumeiia: Gonna c/p from what I told someone on Facebook... XD

    "The "Summer Half & Half for Adults" from Pizza Hut. On the right it's got what's called bulgogi, which is a Korean dish, and the left is Dijon mustard sausage. Other ingredients are garlic, red paprika (the "hairy" stuff you see), parsley, and chili pepper. Also, the crust is stuffed with cheese and even came with honey maple syrup as you can see in the picture!"