Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Note to Self:

Never open door when it rings if I am not expecting a delivery from mom or from Pizza Hut ever again. Yet another Jehovah's Witness came by, and this time I was by myself. I attempted the same tactics that Dan used by failed and she said she wanted to stop by again and talk to me some more orz

I guess that it's true that we white people appear older to Japanese because she was surprised when I gave her the excuse that I'd be busy with school.

She even gave me a book entitled "What does the Bible Really Teach?"...

In other news, I've been taking showers early in the day/morning, but I think I'll be switching to night so I can braid my hair before I go to sleep and wake up with natural wavy hair. Guess I'll get some hair spray to keep it in though.

Ugh, there's been some annoying baby that's been crying on and off all morning and early afternoon. Make it stoooop.


  1. Hah. Why am I happy to hear that they stopped by again? XD

    PS. I have a blog too. Don't forget me!

  2. @queennepy: I don't know. I hope you won't be happy still if she stops by my apartment again. Chances are though she'll actually see then that I'm living with a man. :X

    I know, I read it. Didn't know what to say in comment though lol

  3. I don't know what to say on here but I still throw something out there lol...

  4. Also, you can just say "I'm not interested. Please don't come back again." It's as simple as that lol And JWs don't judge you like that in your face, so they wouldn't say anything about you living with a guy. -_-

  5. I noticed lol

    I didn't mean that she might say something about it. I guess I could just say that but I'm just too nice and want to avoid confrontation? *shrug*