Tuesday, September 28, 2010


On Saturday Daniel and I went to Shibuya! We were both in the mood for some American food, so we headed to TGIFriday's in Udagawa-cho I think. We were expecting something more like the American restaurant that it is, but it was more like a upscale classy bar, and it wasn't open to minors either. I was dying for a normal chicken caesar salad but all they had was non-chicken. :( Plus a lot of the stuff was just appetizers. In all we got the salad, some shishkebob thing, and these barbecue chicken quesadillas...except they had apples in them. But they were delicious and very autumn-tasting.
I tried to take a picture of the inside of the place, but as you can see it came out kind of blurry.
I ordered an Ultimate Strawberry Margarita for myself. It was sooooo tasty.

After our servings of appetizers, we wandered over to Shibuya 109. I've been feeling like I need a hat  for a while now, and I found the perfect one in a small accessory store called Sarah Zodiaque.
It's just sooo cute, Daniel claims it was made for me. I ended up getting bullied into buying it~

I also saw that Chiara was still having their lucky bags, so I picked another one up!
As you can see, I got two more hair accessories, a new phone strap, a box of jewels to decorate my cell phone or iPod with, and two more of those weirdo ice cream things. The pink hair band was originally 473 yen. The blue, purple, and yellow one was originally 315 yen. The phone strap was 840 yen, and the decorating jewels were 300. So, for 525 yen total, I got at least 1928 yen worth of stuff. Not as much as my first bag was worth, but I love the bear phone strap! It alone was worth the whole thing.

After wandering around a bit more, we headed home.


  1. It seems so yummy !!

    Can you explain me what the lucky bag?? I mean, why is there lucky bag ? Because it's the end of the season... ??

    Anyway you're lucky, with all those lucky bags haha

  2. @Marie-Charlotte: I guess the more proper term would be "grab bag" or "goody bag." I don't know why Chiara is selling them. They've been selling them ever since I got here. I thought it was because it was part of a end-of-summer thing, but I guess not. Part of me thinks it's to get rid of their extra stock...lol

  3. TGIFriday's is upscale bar in Jpn? Wicked!
    Cute hat XD
    Cute stuff you got there, too. Lucky, indeed!