Sunday, September 12, 2010

BookOff & The Elixir

Yesterday we were going to go pay our rent, but we didn't have an emergency contact so we decided we wait until someone we know on Facebook responded back to us. I wanted to find a cheap novel to read, so we headed off to BookOff instead. We first headed to the one near the nearby station, where Dan found a lot of cheap ($1) video game-related books in amazing condition that would probably cost a lot to get otherwise. He was pretty happy. I wasn't though, since I didn't really find anything I wanted book-wise. We decided we'd go try the other BookOff that was about 15-20 minutes away by walking. Before we did that though, we decided we would stop in at a restaurant for a quick and cheap meal.
I got katsudon curry with rice. It was delicious!

After that, we stopped at home to drop off Dan's stuff and then headed off to the other BookOff. Didn't find anything there either unfortunately, but Dan found more stuff he wanted. He got himself quite a collection.

Then we headed home, and stopped by Sunkus on the way. There, I spotted something amazing:
A Final Fantasy XIII elixir! We never thought we'd actually see one since the game came out so long ago.
It even comes with a toy.
We got Saaz...I wish we got Lightning. :(
In the end I only had a few sips since it was caffeinated, but it tasted like grape-pineapple.


  1. That looks great. I wish curry didn't nauseate me though :( Damn Indian food....

    A Final Fantasy XIII elixir? That's awesome, I think? XD ( lulz). Yeah! A toy with that black guy in an afro!

    Man, you're going to have to ship all your souvenirs to America because you're going to run out of places to keep them in Japan within a year! XD

  2. @queennepy: lol that happened to one of my classmates as well. Don't understand why though. :x

    The XIII elixir doesn't taste like that the XII one did. This one tastes fine lol

    The toy isn't even as big as my deodorant, so I wouldn't be worried about that thing haha