Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ikebukuro Station

So my waves stayed in all day for the most part. It doesn't help that it was raining today though. But I managed to catch hold of cabin fever today and decided I had to go out somewhere. I ended up heading to Ikebukuro station and into the drug store called HAC in there, which is right across from Ikebukuro PARCO.

I ended up picking up a highlighter and lip concealer from a makeup brand called Canmake.
I also got what's called a "nail cocktail" which is three different nail polishes that you use to create a pretty design on your nails like the picture~
I also got these to go with them. I wonder if I should buy some fake nails and paint those. I ended up cutting my current nails all the way down today because they were catching onto things. I think I might, plus it would mean that I wouldn't have to wait for my own nails to dry... But that would also mean I'd have to purchase some glue. Such a pain. I'll check out Drug Papas and the other drug store in town for that tomorrow~
While I'm personally a fan (and probably will stay a loyal fan) of Diamond Lashes, I saw that eyelash cases existed and picked up this one from Dolly Wink. I had just been putting my used eyelashes back where I tore them off from, but having an actual case for them is so much easier to handle.

Also bought Daniel some ginger tea. Turns out he is feeling sick today too. :(

After I left HAC, I headed over to PARCO. I wove in and out of all the stores, but in the last shoe store I was looking at, the gal working there came over to me and talked to me. At first she asked if I wanted to look at boots, and I said yes. Then she says "It's cold, isn't it?" and I'm like "Huh? You mean today? Yeah." and then she asks me if I was cold. What...?? But then looking around at everyone else at the station, everyone had an extra layer on! I was one of the only people wearing short sleeves, or at least wasn't wearing an extra layer of clothing. I was actually pretty hot since it's hot inside the station, but I guess everyone switched to fall fashion without me realizing it!

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  1. You have to take pictures of you and your nails and your hair and everything!!! <3