Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Monday I stayed inside and did laundry and study. Was pretty bored throughout the day. Today I had cabin fever, and needed to get out and do stuff...! But Daniel needed his own stay inside day, so I headed out into the local neighborhood on my own. Since I've been wanting a light novel to read, my first stop was the local bookstore. Hooray for them taking credit cards though~ Even Kinokuniya didn't accept my Amex.
I got the first novel in the Hakushaku to Yousei series. I've been wanting this one~ I also picked up the book I spotted in Kinokuniya that looked really interesting: Nihonjin no shiranai nihongo (Japanese That Japanese People Don't Know). It's about the experiences of a teacher of Japanese. I've read about a quarter of it already, and it's really funny. I think I'd want to check out the drama too.

Otherwise, I hit up the local grocery to buy some margarine and then to Lawson 100 to buy other necessary food.
I also decided I wanted to try out this gum since Majolica Majorca is said to be the company who designs it!? Majolica Majorca is a popular cosmetic brand here...lol. The flavor is "peach magic" though I haven't tried it yet. I hope it doesn't melt like the American gum I brought with me did...Sucks to be in a different country without your favorite gum. :(

Also, it seems we got someone else's bill from Softbank. The name is a kanji I can't read, but it was probably the previous tenant of our apartment. I ended up taking it to the local Softbank store and asking the person who works there about it, and she said it was probably sent to me by mistake and I should probably call the English Softbank customer service...naaaah.

I ended up grabbing McDonalds for us for dinner. At least I can take comfort in knowing there's a place where I can get a meal that reminds me of home just 10-15 minutes away. :x

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  1. Yeah, it's nice to have access to "American cuisine" in a foreign land.