Sunday, September 5, 2010


So, we were just chilling in our apartment. We heard some whistles and shouts coming from nearby, but we thought it was the elementary school since it's just the next street over. So, we thought it was nothing. But then I left our bedroom to go to the bathroom and the shouting gets really really loud. I thought it was some kid marathon or something so I say "Are they right outside of our apartment?" and unlock the door and head outside.
What do I see?? zomg it's the people carrying mikoshi (which are kinda like portable shrines for gods)!
And there's so many of them! I'm surprised we didn't realize they were in front of our house sooner.
It sure is easy to start going sideways on those things. Each time they get sideways they stop and realign themselves with someone cheering them on while they do so.
After they realigned themselves, they kept on going.
But then I realized that wasn't the end of it.
A bigger mikoshi was coming! 
This one was held up mostly by dudes. There was surprisingly at least 3 foreigners holding that thing up too! And it was then that I decided I'll take a video!
Thanks to Daniel for fixing the beginning~

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