Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Waah, September's almost ending! Yesterday it was thundering in the morning and we thought it would rain all day, so we brought our umbrellas with us shopping. Luckily it didn't though. Also, I got the results of my Japanese placement exam! I tested into Japanese 4 (of 7 levels). Basically it's the class that bridges the gap between intermediate and advanced Japanese.

For the rice harvesting festival, I needed to get some rain boots and a dark long graphic t-shirt or something  that could get dirty and wouldn't be stained for life, so we headed to Ikebukuro since PARCO is still having their sale.

The first store I ended up checking out was Liz Lisa again since I saw they still had the lucky grab bags. I was hoping there would be no incidents like the misunderstanding that happened the day before, but the girl who rung me up the day before was there and she recognized me, pointing me out and saying I was the girl who came yesterday. As a result somehow though I ended up getting royal treatment?? I guess I've been accepted by them.
Today not only did I get this special gift bag, but...
I also got an actual regular shopping bag! And the girl who rung me up was even nice enough to wrap it up in plastic so it wouldn't get wet. She also gave me an advertisement for some special set they'll be selling next week, which involves a coat, a dress, and some panties-protector shorts which are actually separate from the dress for about $60 less than the normal price for them would be. She even talked to me and asked me about myself and stuff in Japanese while she wrapped everything up and stuff. Gosh, how nice. I almost asked to take a picture of her because she was so cute, but I didn't in the end.

I didn't get to find out what was inside of the bag I bought until I got home. What I got was...
This white Marilyn Monroe shirt. It's actually really nice. It was originally 5,145.
And I also got this adorable dress. It bunches up weirdly around my boobs though, but it looks great if I use the shawl I got with my dress from Cecil McBee. This dress originally cost 9,345 yen! I can't believe if it's a size 0 too. Good to know I can fit into a Japanese size 0, though I needed help to get it off.

Surprisingly, I got the same skirt I got from the day before again in this bag. Now I have 3 things I want to sell. I made sure to go for a light one this time so I could make sure I didn't get a purse again. I was hoping for two tops or two dresses.

Anyway, after Liz Lisa I browsed through all of the other shops and ended up choosing this top from Cecil McBee:
It's not something I'd usually buy, but I like it. You wear it off shoulder with this tank top underneath:
Pretty simple, and I can easily replace it with a different tank top if I want to.

After that, we looked around for some rain boots, but all the ones I saw there were really expensive, so we figured we'd go look at Sunshine City instead. On the way though, we stopped by the arcades so Daniel could try out the UFO catchers. He ended up winning another Rilakkuma~
So cute! This one's bigger than the other 3 he won and doesn't have a keychain.

After that we decided we were hungry so we went to a place I don't quite remember the name of anymore, but it had Ginza in the name. I got small spare ribs:
Very yummy~

After food we continued on our way to Sunshine City, but I spotted a shoe store having a closing sale so we checked them out and I found some rainboots!
They're black and sparkly.

We made it to Sunshine City but didn't go very far. I was already done with all my shopping and Daniel decided he just wanted to head to Uniqlo to get the few things he wanted to buy.
But I did pick up this cute cheap umbrella from a store called Shazbot. It's really long though, which I wasn't really expecting. At least it'll keep me super dry since it's so big.

So, we headed back to the Uniqlo that was right near where we had lunch. I got a crepe at Sunshine City before that though, which ended up almost becoming super messy. Didn't take a picture of it though. At Uniqlo, Daniel got some new clothes, including some pants. The pants were a bit long though, so we had to wait a half hour or so for Uniqlo's seamstress to tailor them to size. We grabbed a few drinks at McDonalds while we waited, headed back when it was time, got the pants, and headed home. Boy I was pretty tired.

When we finally made it home though, I started coughing and my head feeling really icky. x.X I was afraid I was getting sick, so I ended up falling asleep really quickly and early last night. Luckily I haven't really been coughing today.


  1. you shop a lot... plan on getting a job? o.O

  2. @Melona: Of course lol. Probably going to do English tutoring or something.

  3. So jealous of all your stuff =3=

  4. The first Liz Lisa bag is soooo pretty!
    Yeah, you do shop a lot but you're in Japan so who cares. (I'd be doing the same) LOL You must buying a lot of stuff to put on プーペガール ~squint LOL

    Those ribs look scrumptious. *_*
    *goes to get ribs now*