Wednesday, September 8, 2010

On Womanly Matters

It's rather interesting with the way that Japan handles period-related stuff. They actually put them in a separate brown bag that you can't see through and tape it shut! Then stick that bag in with anything else you bought. It kind of makes it a bit obvious if you're familiar with what the practice actually is, but I guess it's kind of nice?

Now, I have searched many a convenience store, and I have only found ONE brand of tampon. I see lots and lots of brands of pads, but only ONE type of tampon.
The brand is called "Charm" and it says that it's a "soft tampon." On the front it says that even if your period "beats you" then you won't be bothered by it, and can use it even while traveling, in a hot spring, at the beach, and in the pool. Wow, I never knew that~
It's kinda funny how right on the back it explains how you use it, though they don't really have a diagram of where it goes. The back describes that if you use a tampon then you can enjoy your life as usual.

I think it's a plastic applicator, but I guess I don't really have a choice in the matter now do I? orz


  1. No one commented on this one? I will send some next month if you need me to along with mac and

    I hope your period does not "beat you" and you will find a hot spring, pool or beach to go to.

    Love reading this blog


  2. Fancy womanly products!