Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Azabu Juban

Yesterday after another breakfast at Mister Donut, we headed off to some local konbini (convenience store) to find me a scrunchy. I don't normally wear my hair up, but it's just too hot not to wear one in Tokyo!!
I ended up choosing this one for now, but I saw much cuter ones from a brand called Lip Service at the Sunkus down the street, so I might buy another one from there. After that, we headed to our town's government office to register for our alien registration card. It was kind of awkward and I felt kinda noobish, but we managed to get everything done.

After that, we decided that we wanted some ramen, so we headed to a Chinese restaurant called Bamiyan. It was quite an experience. Inside we got asked "smoking or non-smoking" for the first time, which I had to ask him to repeat and I ended up only being able to answer "吸いたくないです" (I don't want to smoke). After seating ourselves and reading over the menu for several minutes, we got the courage to press the buzzer button which brought a waiter over. The funny part was when Daniel asked for an "Asahi" and our waiter got confused until he pointed to a bottle of Asahi beer on the menu. I guess they only call it ビール (beer) here, versus the 生ビール (draft), which was Sapporo.
 I ordered a strawberry milk with tapioca on the bottom, and ice cream on the top. :D Excuse my sloppy appearance~
We both ordered ramen. It was a Chinese restaurant, but hey, it was prepared by Japanese so it's real ramen right? 8D Haha.

After stopping for a bit at home and skyping with my parents, we set off in search of Daniel's school. It was about a 30 minute train ride away. However, it doesn't really feel like 30 minutes, strangely enough. I guess my sense of time is still messed up. We made it to Azabu Juban and got off at exit 7. We found the block that we thought his university would be on, but it wasn't there. After much confusion I asked inside the 7-Eleven we were near and got some directions. Along the way, I kind of forgot the directions, so when we reached this huge intersection with two bridges that I remember the lady mentioning, we ended up stepping inside a pharmacy and I asked for directions again. It was a good thing I did, because we were about to head off in the wrong direction!

We finally reached his school, and I managed to rest my weary feet while Daniel went to ask for an easier way to access the school from the subway line we take, which is the Oedo line. It seems that the Japanese have the opinion that the line dips down into the center of the earth, since it goes underground so far. It's funny that they say this and yet our cell phones still get service for the majority of the time.

Daniel found out that there's a much closer exit from the Oedo line, even though you still have to walk quite a bit underground. That's okay, since at the very least the walkways underground are partially air conditioned.
We reached the station we got off at, and saw this very pretty sky. Along the way home Daniel took pictures of all of the vending machines that exist between our apartment and the nearest train station. He counted about 9 of them. The walk is about 7 minutes, by the way. I took a few pictures of the vending machines at the end of the block (there's also one right outside of our apartment):

Drinks and cigarettes.

Afterwards, we must have gone to bed around 9 or 10? I was pretty wiped out when we got home and my feet were throbbing.

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