Monday, August 23, 2010


Yesterday Nicole took us to Ueno to show us some super cheap places to buy clothes and things. I guess Ueno is actually historically known as being where the black market was in Tokyo, so of course there were a lot of cheap vendors! But I can't believe I forgot my camera...I was so mad. Dan let me use the camera on his phone, but it's just not the same. *sob*
In any case, we looked around for some bags and Daniel found himself a cheap school bag he was happy with, which looks really Japanese especially since he put a cute little charm on it of a Nintendo character. We looked around a bit more, and then Nicole brought us to a store called ABAB, which is a huge mall with floors and floors of shoes and other girly fashionable things. She took us down to the basement first since it was the floor with makeup and tons and tons and tons of fake lashes.

I ended up buying Fairy eye lashes from a brand called Diamond Lash and a new black liquid liner. Afterwards, Nicole brought us back upstairs to look for shoes~
I ended up getting this pair, but man it sure left a blister on my right foot, even though they fit the left foot perfectly. Stupid feet that are different sizes!! I'll have to start carrying bandaids with me or something. In any case, I learned that I'm actually a large in Japanese shoe sizes. I would've never thought that though, considering how tiny my feet are compared to most Americans.
After shopping around ABAB a bit more, we decided we were ready for food and headed over to what Nicole told us was a well-known place to order gyuudon, which is beef on top of rice. It was pretty good, although I couldn't finish my bowl. I finished all the meat and half of the rice though.

It was kinda funny though, while we walked through Ueno so many people tried to advertise to us in English. One dude who was trying to advertise the pachinko parlor tried yelling "Evangelion!!" at us, to which we turned and laughed. Nicole says that she normally doesn't get so many people trying to talk to her in English. Makes me kind of think f my experiences in Shibuya 109, where people would just keep advertising to me in Japanese (although one chick actually asked if I spoke Japanese or not...should've said no LOL).

We headed over to Shinjuku to get a few basic and cheap things from a store called Uniqlo. I had totally forgotten to bring any tanktops with me, so I got a bunch of those.

Buying these things was a bit frustrating though. For one, I was stupid and tried on a black one first so I could figure out my size. That was such a huge mistake! I should've grabbed white. This type of thing wouldn't actually be an issue for Japanese people because they use aerosol deodorant. Beyond the color, I had some other issues in the bust size. The medium fit me just fine body wise, but not so much elsewhere. In any case, I ended up just getting mediums.

After Uniqlo, we headed over to Tokyu Hands so I could buy a cute notebook. I ended up getting a few more things than I thought I'd come out with though, they were just too cute.
 A Mickey Mouse notebook~
A pig notebook with really cute Engrish on it.
A super cute pencil with pictures of bears and a cute bunny hanging off it.
And I found my new planner for next year! It's just soooo cute!!

After Tokyu Hands we headed home. Daniel went to bed early, although I stayed up a little bit longer.


  1. omg, that pencil!! = 3= I has tape that's the same design ;-;

  2. You ate the beef on top of rice yet you refused to try my cooking?! I'm insulted. >:|

  3. @queennepy: wat when did you cook for me?