Monday, August 16, 2010


I've woken up early again. This time at 5. At least it's not 2 or 3 in the morning again. Slowly adjusting my sleep schedule. But last night I'm pretty sure I finally got a full 8 hours of sleep.

Maybe I'm just groggy, but I'm still feeling pretty tired. Not sleepy tired; just don't want to do anything tired.

Since I used my Visa to buy my phone and buy the things we got at Tokyu Hands yesterday, I received an email from Bank of America saying they've temporarily suspended my account. Unfortunately it's still Sunday in America, so nothing can be done until Monday. At this point I'm down to only a 5,000 yen bill and some coins I left over. I guess no clothes shopping for me until Tuesday?

But for sure I need to buy myself a hair band today. I saw some really cute Lip Service ones at the local konbini (convenience store) so I'll probably get one of those. I do not want to spend another day with hair stuck to my back! I also need to get a phone strap. Must find a cute one...! I've seen some girls with these ginormous phone straps, ones as big as their phones. I'm not sure how they do it...but somehow I feel like I want to get my own huge Hello Kitty one or something like the ones at the arcade picture I took yesterday. I'll probably just get a small sparkly one though.


  1. What will you use your new phone for, besides e-mailing me? (笑) You can't really call or text anyone overseas with that phone, can you? Hmmm. Nice souvenir!

    Jeez, you've already spent a nice amount of money. But who cares? You're in Japan. 果報は寝て待て。 楽しく遊んできなさい。でも道に迷わないように!idk Good luck!

  2. @queennepy: If I know what you're mobile number's email address is I can text you lol And I can call it's just expensive.

    I need a job hahaha.

  3. Just tutor some kids. Since your visa really doesn't involve working just teach some salarymen your native tongue and earn $$$$$$ for it ;D.

  4. @Lisaaaar: Yeah, I'll probably do something like that XD

  5. She will use her phone to keep in contact with Dan when they are both at their different school and decide who is picking up McDonalds for

    Send a pic of a phone strap you are talking about. Can't quite picture that. When you write about yen can you give us an idea what that is in $ I am so happy you are sleeping better. I bet it will cool down quick in September. How far are you from a beach or pool?

  6. @RUATeacup: Beach or pool? I haven't seen any at all anywhere. Maybe they're inside the schools, but I'm not sure if those would be open for public access.

    I haven't taken a picture of huge phone straps (cell phone charms), but the picture of the Hello Kittys in the UFO catcher I took are phone straps. They must be as big as my cell phone.

    5,000 yen is probably about $55 or $60.

  7. @RUATeacup: Use this converter: