Sunday, August 29, 2010


So yesterday for lunch we headed to Lawson 100 to buy food to eat, and along the way we saw the local denkiyasan (electronic store) and popped inside to see how much his TVs were. Well, lucky we did so! He actually had an old Panasonic TV from 2001 that does analog (although analog is going to be turned off in February, Sakura House gave us a crappy old TV and we can't get a digital tuner for it...yet). And the best part? He sold it to us for 3,000 yen! What a difference compared to the 30,000 yen we might have spent on a newer TV at Bic Camera. Yeah~ We can actually see dark places while we play games.

Yesterday the newest issue of Aria came out! I can't believe what a magazine junkie it looks like I've become...I promise I won't buy so many from now on! orz But so, Daniel and I headed to Ikebukuro to retrace the steps Nicole and I made before on our way to Animate.
I saw this sign at the train station for a Hello Kitty theme park. I kinda really wanna go.
So yeah, Animate. In case you can't tell, it's a store that's like 9 floors of anime, manga, and video game goods.
And here's a side view of the building. I'm kind of surprised they still have the Aria sign up.
And since my mom wanted me to pose in front of stuff, I took a picture posing in front of the building. Afterwards, we went in and I got my issue of Aria.
And I also got this as a gift with Aria, which is something that can only be received if you had bought it at Aria. It's so cool, I'm totally keeping this.

After going through each of the floors, we ran across the street to the entrance to Sunshine City to take pictures with Ultraman!

Daniel took a picture with him too after I asked him a few times if he wanted to, since he seemed hesitant at first! Haha.

After that, we headed on back to the train station. Before we headed home though I stopped at Fashion BeBe to buy myself a new Totoro handkerchief-towel. Since they were so cheap still, I snagged a few others so I can use them in rotation.

Even though I've never actually seen Totoro, they are just so cute!! T-T

After that, we headed home. We played Donkey Kong together that evening. However, some of the levels just kept screwing us over, so eventually we gave up and played one of the games in Kirby Superstar instead. Yay for old-school games~