Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sunshine City

Well, about 40 minutes after my last post yesterday I headed to the above-ground station (we usually take the subway) to hop onto the Seibu-Ikebukuro line so I could meet up with Nicole!
At the station, I managed to see the Galaxy Express train!

Unfortunately, since we both had already done some running around that day (me with going to Shinjuku and her on her BL hunt in Ikebukuro), we weren't up for too much more.
Though, I did manage to check out the Sanrio store a bit closer this time. Didn't buy anything though, so we headed off to a store called Animate instead. As it's name might imply, it was 8 floors of anime, manga, goods, video games, and everything in between. There was so much stuff. @_@
I got myself the first issue of a brand new shoujo magazine called Aria.
Since I bought it at Animate, I got this really pretty folder.
Inside it had a special sheet with the autographs and drawings by all the authors in the magazine. I've only managed to read the first three chapters in here (2 chapters and a oneshot), and I've enjoyed them all so far. Issue 2 will be coming out on Saturday, so can't wait to go pick it up!

After Animate, we headed over to Sunshine City again to get food...except we weren't really hungry. At first we got drinks at a place I think was called Dippin' Dan just so we could sit down, and then after browsing through Uniqlo for a bit everything started closing so we headed up to one of the upper floors to grab some food. We checkd out what all of the restaurants had to had and settled on a place called Ducky Duck.
Hard to see the logo, but it was pretty cute. I wasn't too hungry still (I had eaten a ham and cheese sandwich before I left and a bag of lightly salted potato chips) so I ordered some cake!
It was called Chiffon Symphony or something like that. I can't quite remember anymore. It was good, but not as good as the cake I had at Shibuya.

We decided to call it a night after that and headed home our separate ways.


  1. omg sanrio store ;o send me the whole store ;__;

  2. That train looks too cute. Japan loves childish cuteness. Lolz

  3. queennepy: I wouldn't really call Galaxy Express childish tho.

  4. I meant the art. Most of the art in Japan seems that it would be aesthetically pleasing to children.

  5. @queennepy: I think nowadays though most manga and anime are shiny and crazy looking. Galaxy Express is so old school style LOL