Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Point Cards

So, Japan just looooooves their point cards. The people at Bic Camera were actually nice enough to ask if we had a point card or wanted to make one. After a few purchases, yeah, we decided we wanted to get a point card there. I also went out of my way to get a point card at Mister Donut, despite the one mishap I had where I forgot to give my point card and she didn't ask me. But whatever it was only 9 points.

I was poking around Cecil McBee's website, and I just realize that they ALSO have a point card. Well, first you need to fill out a stamp card, then you get the member's card. According to their website, I should be half way to earning a member's card. Rage! No one asked me if I wanted to make a stamp card or not, which I would have definitely said YES to.

From now on, no matter where I go, I'm going to ask if they have a point card and then say I want to make one. I'm also going to go ask the Cecil McBee in Shinjuku (which is where we'll be headed later) if I can use my receipt from yesterday to make a point card. If they refuse, I guess it's time to gaijin smash my way through and be a pushy foreigner...


  1. lmao abusing your status as a foreigner

  2. That's pretty prejudice of them to not offer you one...

  3. If you have a receipt you should get your points a the donuts shop tooooo. They will give you the points at the clothes store or ask for the manager. Need to save the $ where you can...!

    By the way..have I told you lately how proud of you I am. I bet you are so proud of yourself as well! love you

  4. @queennepy: I think they just assume I won't be here long. You can't really blame them if they think I'll only be here for two weeks, right? haha

    @RUATeacup: I think it'd be too late for that since that was like a week ago. But thank you. :)