Monday, August 23, 2010

Yet Another Food Post

So, food expires really fast here. Like, really really fast. That ham I bought a few days ago? I just realized it expired yesterday. I had also bought yogurt a few days ago, and I just realized that it expires today. So I open it to see if it's bad, and I'm greeted with something so entirely different from what I'm used to from Yoplait yogurt or whatever brand that is I get...

Not my yogurt, but you get the point. On top of that, I can't tell if it's still ok to eat or not, and trash day was today. I don't want nasty rotting yogurt in my trash can for a week...I guess I have no choice but to close my eyes and eat it? X.X


  1. just looks like those yoplait thick and creamy yogurts

  2. @Jessica: Well I prefer original and have never tried their thick and creamy kind before lol

  3. lol yeah I prefer original. i just don't like the thick and creamy kind xD

  4. @queennepy: It was nasty. :(

    @Jessica: Yeah, me too. :<