Monday, August 23, 2010

My First Real Conversation

Well, today I have really just been staying in, but I decided a few hours ago I'd go out and wander around a little. I decided I'd go conbini hopping to see if I could find the magazines I wanted. After I left the second to last conbini I went to (I think it was a Family Mart), some dude tracked me down. And then I had my first real conversation with a Japanese person since I've been here.

Basically he asked me if I could speak Japanese, then went on about how his company is all dudes and he doesn't get to meet girls often, and I was so cute he thought he'd take his chance. And then I told him I had a boyfriend and he told me he still wants to go drinking with me as he walked away in the opposite direction.


But I quickly stopped by the Lawson 100 on the way home and got us some cup noodles, bread, melon pan, and cola. And now I eat ramen. nom.


  1. Uh oh, Japanese looking for an innocent little white woman. Watch out! lol

  2. someone got hit on~~~ XDD And i used to think that only happens in manga XD