Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Just got back from our breakfast. Stopped by Mister Donut again and got myself some melon soda yum. Forgot my camera though, although I ended up just getting another strawberry ring and honey dip anyway (yeah, I'm the kind of person who likes to order the same thing every time if I know it's good). I felt my Japanese be a bit more smooth today while I was ordering. Guess I'm getting used to speaking it again.

After that we went to the nearby conbinis in search of tweezers. Took two tries, and I also got myself an eyebrow liner and brush. I eyed an issue of S Cawaii...I'm still considering getting it. >_> There's so many fashion magazines I don't know which one to pick *sob*
We took some of the back roads home, and I got this from one of the vending machines we came across. I think the picture on the bottle is a bit funny though...


  1. Is melon soda like sprite except with a melon taste? XD I'm assuming it is.

  2. @queennepy: Nooooo way. It's more like cantaloupe flavored sparkling water? Lol