Friday, August 20, 2010

Grocery Store

Well, I took my first trip out alone. I headed down to the nearby grocery school, called Orange Mart I think. It was quite different from an American grocery store. For one thing, it was pretty small. For another, holy cow you can buy legs of octopus and stuff like that! I don't usually look at the meat section, but I don't think I see octopus legs there much? I also noticed they had frosted flakes, but they were pretty expensive for such a small box.

In any case, I ended up buying slices of ham, cheese (though the package only came with 6 slices), yogurt to try (which is incredibly tiny!), and margarine.

I ended up embarrassing myself though. After he rung my stuff up and I paid, I saw the food was in the cart still, with a bag on top. I really wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with that! Take it somewhere else and bag it myself? I tried to ask and the cashier ended up just bagging the things for me, thankfully. It seems after I get rung up, I'm supposed to take the food to a counter near the door outside, bag my things up myself, and put the basket back.

Just thinking about it makes me embarrassed... orz I wish I had stopped to watch what other people were doing first.


  1. It's okay, they understand you're a foreigner. XD

  2. Naahhh...don't be embarrassed every food store is different. Remember Sudbury Farms had the cart go behind the counter and Shaws was in the front. I didn't go there for a long time because I was uncomfortable with the where the cart goes thing. Anything new is hard. Like every credit card machine is different. Don't give it a second thought.