Sunday, August 29, 2010


Friday was not a very good day for us. We went to Yotsuya to visit my school.
This is a shot of the opposite direction from my school, where there's a busy city-like center.
Shot of some billboards and stuff. And luckily for me, my school is just a five minute walk from the station. It's also a pretty short train ride, although I have to jump lines once.
Instead of taking the direct route to the main gate, we kinda took a roundabout way and passed through a road that takes us to the back entrance. On the left you can see a sign for a church.
Here's the main gate to my school.

And then it was at this spot that bad things started happening. A huge bird in a tree took a ginormous crap on Dan. He was not very happy, and ended up using my Totoro handkerchief-towel to wipe himself off. Yeah, I ended up throwing it away. Not gonna wipe sweat off my face with a towel that's been covered in bird poo!
After walking through the main campus of the school (which was just buildings so it wasn't too impressive) we left and headed to a restaurant called Jonathan's. I didn't take a picture, but I ended up getting steak with what I think was called Damascus sauce since I'm really not a fan of the garlic sauce Japanese just love to put on their steaks.

After that, we headed to Shinjuku to go check out TVs at Bic Camera since the one that Sakura House gave us sucks and is impossible to play games with. They were all super expensive and fancy, so I told Dan let's check out a used shop first. Though unfortunately we didn't really get to do that. On the way back through Shinjuku station, I ended up slipping on the stairs and twisting my ankle in a weird way. I had done it earlier too on the stairs at our aparment, so my ankle felt like it was throbbing and it was not happy.

After a stop at a Sunkus, we ended up going straight home and staying in for the rest of the night.

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